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NCG to participate in 2015 Tennessee-Arkansas cricket league.

Author: Bimal Shah
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NCG for the year 2015 will be participating in 35 overs Tennessee-Arkansas cricket league in conjunction with local Memphis team.

There will be total 12 teams participating from the Tennessee and Arkansas. The tournament format is as follows:

Round 1: All teams will play each other team once (10 games total). Home and away will be randomly assigned.

Round 2: Top 8 teams in Round 1 will advance. They will be divided into two groups of 4 teams each. Group A (1,3,5,7), Group B (2,4,6,8). Teams will play with the 3 other teams in the group. (3 games total). Top two seeds in the group will play 2 home, and 1 away games. Bottom two seeds in the group will play 1 home, and 2 away games. (Example: A1 plays A2 & A3 at home and A4 away. A2 plays A3 & A4 at home and A1 away. A3 plays A4 at home and A1 & A2 away. A4 plays A1 at home and A2 & A3 away. Same applies for Group B)

Round 3 (Championship Playoffs): Top two teams from Group’s A & B in round 2 will advance to playoffs. A1/B2 will compete in 1st semifinal. B1/A2 will compete in 2nd semifinal. Final will be played between two remaining teams. Home ground will be determined based on points in Round 2. If tied NRR will be taken into consideration. There will also be a 3rd place game.

Plate Playoffs: Bottom 3 teams will play round robin among themselves, where each team plays each other once. (2 games per team). Winner of round robin will be awarded plate championship.

For all rained out games points will be split.

Buffer weekends for playoff games. All playoff games will be scheduled on
Saturday unless there is ground unavailability. If a playoff game gets rained out on Saturday, and the home ground would be unfit for play on Sunday, Committee will decide (By 6PM on Saturday) whether to move the game to another ground in the same city (if it’s playable) or to Away team’s ground. If game isn’t played on scheduled weekend game moves to following Saturday. If for some reason game is not played the following weekend then higher seed advances.

The tournament is set to begin from 1st week of April. Please check the league website (http://www.arktenncricketleague.com) for updates.

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